Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nursery Theme?

So I've always ALWAYS said I wanted a duckie nursery. And then I searched "doxie nursery themes" and omg. Can we discuss theses please?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

When 2 people love each other very much

They drink.
Have Fun.
Get Married.
Have a fun 6 years of marriage
and BAM someones KTFU (knocked the fuck up).

... I might be summarizing this a bit, but you get the idea.

I mean if you're reading this blog, you probably know me. but lets do the typical introductions. (picture overload, you've been warned)
June 2012
Me giving my dad his retirement flag (jun 2007)
I am Heather (Mrs.Rotty). At the moment I'm 27, we're stationed in California (waiting on or next base orders)
  • I'm  3rd generation military. 
  • I'm an Aerial Porter (reserves) by birth and by choice. I'm the person all porters dread ATSEV.... dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Which basically means i make sure people are doing their jobs safe and proper. its kind of awesome. 
  • I'm also an Interior Designer by trade. I've got my first AA in Interior design as well as a plethora of under certificates in specialized areas. 
  • I'm a constant doodler. I'm always drawing or doodling on something, and if I'm not I'm probably brainstorming new ideas. I'm currently working on a kids coloring book for a group of friends. I'm excited about it. 

This is Mr.Rotty (I normally refer to him as B).

He's 29 and been in the military...11 years i think (whoops). He's an LT on Active duty. He's a Nurse. and I'm kind of obsessed with him.

We love to camp, shoot, bowl, hang out, drink (well, used to), and just be pretty laid back.

We love our families, but being so far away, its normally just the tree of us. OH I FORGOT ABOUT SAMMY!!!!

That's Sammy. He's our Long Haired Dachshund.

He's spoiled rotten and thinks he's a person. He likes to let you know when he's mad by throwing temper tantrums. Its kind of funny how 'people like' he is. until he shows his frustration by peeing on something while staring at you in spite. Then its not so fun.

San Francisco - September 2013
Alcatraz Tour September 2013
B and I have been married for 6 years (Together for 7). This is our 3rd base and 3rd home. We've both been deployed (him: Afghanistan, me: Iraq).

But the reason for the blog....
We announced to our families on 12/23 and to the world 12/24 that we were expecting a little Baby Rotty. 
We chose the 24th, Christmas eve, because I was exactly 12 weeks and it was also precisely 7 years after we got engaged. It just was a little to perfect. Plus, its an easy Christmas gift to the families.

as of today I'm 12 weeks 2 days pregnant. We're due somewhere around 8 July. Everyone say a prayer i don't go late because any later runs into the trio of birthdays on the 17/18/19th of July on B's side of the family. Our anniversary is June 30th, so the 8th is just right. Right in between the 2.

So this will be my blog about different stages of pregnancy, funny stories, weird dreams, etc.

Also, fair warning I cuss... A LOT. so if you don't like it, you get one apology... I'm Sorry. But after that its your choice to read or not read my personal blog.